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Ban-King Credit is one of the top licensed money lending company in Singapore offering personal loans, business loans, foreigner loans and payday loans in Singapore.

We have the appropriate licensing and certification from the Ministry of Law according to the regulations of the laws of Singapore. In addition, we are trustworthy, reputable, efficient, reliable and dynamic. We have amassed a wealth of experience as a credit facility in Singapore for a variety of personal and business financing needs for both citizens and non-citizens. Come to us to receive the perfect solution to your specific financing requirements and we will offer excellent service that will leave you fully satisfied.

Call 6743 7701 today if you need personal or business financing and our highly qualified team will ensure that your needs are fully sorted.

Key Points to Consider When Taking Fast Cash Loans / Unsecured Loans

Is the Lender a Legal one?

The first thing that you need to note is the fact that the contract that you have with your money lender is legally binding. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that you look at the terms your money lender Singapore offers you. They should be terms that you can be able to meet.  Unlike secured loans, if possible you should consider the fast cash personal loan that you want to get and work with your money lender to personalise your contract to meet your needs.

Does the Lender has a Valid Licence No?

It is important to get a loan from a licensed money lender. Money lenders that have met the necessary requirements from the relevant authorities to offer these fast cash loans with a license. This guarantees that they will offer you legal services. The law requires that the money lender that offers you their loan services explain the process to you and ensure that you understand the personal loan before signing the loan agreement.

Don't Stop at One

There are numerous money lenders that offer these unsecured loan services. It is advisable to shop around for a money lender that offers affordable terms for your loan. The interest rate charged on loans given by money lenders is controlled by the authorities. However, there is a fee that they charge that may vary from one money lender to another. Be on a lookout for a money lender that offers you reliable services at an affordable fee.

Will I be able to meet the Payment Terms?

The quick processing of loans makes a licensed money lender the best option for acquiring cash when you have an emergency or need fast cash to settle an immediate request, but you must always consider if you are able to pay your loans in time in order to get the best experience and the convenience of using a money lender for a loan.


professional loan services

Low Interest Personal Loans

Your top priority is to make your life easier, and to help you deal with life’s challenges in a graceful way. This is why we offer our easily accessible personal loans, which are customizable according to your specific requirements. Within just a few hours of application, coming down to our office and submitting the relevant documents, you will be served by a dedictaed loan officer who will assist you in a loan agreement. Once both parties signed the agreement you will receive the cash / cheque from us on the spot.

Business Loans

Despite the high returns, starting and running a business is not without its challenges. There are many obstacles to overcome, especially in the starting phase before the business becomes established and it breaks even. Our business loans are here to assist you.

Foreigner Loans

We know that you are already facing enough challenges by being in a foreign country. Given that there are certain services more expensive for foreigners, it means that you have to spend more to maintain a decent standard of living. We can help you tide through with our foreigner loans.

Low Interest Payday and Personal Loans

We are an ideal source of funding to deal with an emergency. Call us today.

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